Find IFSC Code of any Bank in India

What is IFSC Code?

IFSC stands Indian Financial System Code. IFSC is an alpha numeric code which uniquely identify bank branch in india. IFSC is code used for various payment system within the country. IFS Code is 11 digit code for a bank branch.
  • First 4 characters represents bank code.
    For Example: One of the IFSC code for ICICI Bank is ICIC0001206. First 4 characters ICIC0001206 represents bank code.
  • The 5th character is a '0' Zero and it's reserved as control character (ICIC0001206)
  • Remaining last 6 characters used to indentiy the bank branch. (ICIC0001206)

Bank IFSC Code

Indian Financial System Code, a unique code, assigned to each bank. IFSC code is required to for many banking transactions.
IFSC Code vary from branch to branch with a few similarities for a bank. More detailed explanation of IFSC code is mentioned on the left side.
If you are a customer of any bank, you should know IFSC code assigned to that bank for your own benefits.
With the IFSC code you can easily manage your account from any corner of the globe to transfer fund through various sources. You need to know the IFSC Code for adding beneficiaries. IFSC code is must to have online fund transfer. more ...

This website is made available to know IFSC code for a perticular bank branch that you are interested.

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Banks In India

Banks are devided into different groups in India. Few of them are operates in rural secotor while others are operates in both rural as well as urban sector. Each group has their own target markets. Each group has its own benifits and limitations in the view of how they operates in India. Few of them are from India and few of them from Foreign as well.

Banks in India are divided into following groups


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